how to use tik tok...

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    Strange, it works also for facebook & twitter
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    Im stuck at the "locate the app" step
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    Unpopular opinion but, I do not hate the app. I do totally hate some of the aliens making trash and disgusting content there. That must be banned. But the platform is fascinating to me for how the algorithm works. The ability to gain a widespread reach in a short span is insane for someone like me who doesn't understand it all that much tbh.

    In context of your post though, I don't have it installed either hahah :)
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    @macbury Twitter's great for news don't you think? At least you can get opinions of multiple people on a situation, and then make your judgement based on that. Not like a newspaper where every situation is turned into a dramatic story 💀
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    How do I do that if I haven't ever had it installed to begin with...
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    @akshar I find that YouTube & Twitter aren't all that toxic if you stay away from the news/politics stuff.

    Videos/tweets about coding, tech, cooking and other hobbies tend to have pretty wholesome discussions going on.
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    @akshar I honestly don't see any value in an algorithm they quite openly admitted filters out :

    - Non-whites
    - Poor-looking people
    - Gay-looking people
    - Ugly-looking people

    And yes, I'm serious.
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    Just a minor change. In some androids, you may have to drag the icon till uninstall icon. Else everything is same.

    PS- it applies for all other useless apps but is not available in case of bloatware
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    @axx8856 Bloatware is why you'd want a phone that can be easily unlocked without consequences. Sadly, these are more and more rare these days...
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    @kamen I can feel it. I want to unlock my n7p but could not do it as Nokia does not provide unlock options :(.
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    what is this app?
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    Did you know that TikTok was exposed by the iOS 14 beta? They secretly copied the clipboard of users and iOS 14 tells you when an app pastes something or reads the clipboard.
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    @funvengeance rebadeged vines app with cringe filled to the top.
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    @funvengeance and oh, just like the covid, it was madr in china and spread throughout the world.
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    I've never use it before
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