When I think about "collapsing the stack" (more out of the box features), I realise that Microsoft was way ahead of the curve.

Deno aims to make everything so much simpler because it has squashed all the tools you need into one (whether it's in one binary is just a detail), but Microsoft was already doing this with C# and Visual Studio years ago.

I do not mean to suck off Microsoft, I just wish the open source community would leave its tribalism mentality and see how corporations have tried to make developer experience better.

"What do developers actually need?" is not a question many open source projects ask.

It's slowly happening with Deno and Go leading that front, but we have a long road ahead of us.

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    I believe most good OSS tools are based on SRP. And so stack squashing clashes with SRP very heavily.

    Or maybe I didn't catch your point?
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    The hell happened to your formatting
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    @alexbrooklyn basically what happens when you blindly copy-paste
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    You did catch my point. But what are the single responsibilities? In a perfect world, we'd have tools that break up as finely as the level of control we wanted from them. The ideal is to give developers a comprehensive solution first but let them break it down if need be.

    Or maybe I'm talking nonsense and am struggling to put into words my frustration with this industry.

    @alexbrooklyn @vintprox I had copy-pasted from a previous rant I deleted so I guess it was an invisible character that ended up in my text editor. Looked fine when I pasted back in the website.
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    @SuaveSteve while trying to come up with an answer to your question I've realised that it's too broad. Which part of OSS are you referring to? examples would be nice.

    comparing c# with OSS.. like comparing objC with Redis :)
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    Isn't most software designed based upon the needs of the end user? So if you your products are partly tools (libs, editors, etc) for developers then those would be designed based upon the devs needs. Since developers tend to use tools that aid them in development then this creates a cycle. Tool->better tool.
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