I want to cry... Fuck it.. shiit. .. :( :( ;(

Wasted half of the Weekend to Setup MySQL on my vServer which uses ssl encryption, have specific User and so on.
Thought: well, the User mysql is not so good as a Name. Drop it, you don't need it.
What did I? Instead of Drop User mysql , I typed Drop Database mysql.

Fuck that fucking Shit. I'm so sad right now. Broked the complete MySQL Database. Nothing is working anymore. And the server is new, I've Just made One Backup. Deleted this a few hours ago.. also accidently.

Help me :( Shit :( so sad :( Now, I don't have Motivation anymore to work with the vServer :(

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    I've done that. I've deleted records and crashed everything right before a major presentation. I've deleted cert keys for Android and iOS without backups. I can totally understand. All I can tell you my friend is, it's not the end of the world. Get some air and look at it with a clear head. I'm sure you'll find a way around it. Tip: See if you have the same data in a different environment - test, staging etc. Make sure you look at every single place possible before giving up and trying a different alternative.
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    Look on the bright side, next time you'll be more diligent about backups. Everyone gets stung once, but that's how we learn.
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    Or use migration tools and add a layer at time, always committing them 😉
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