ADHD related rant:

Im starting to notice that I treat my multimonitor setup as if they were 2 computers and browsing the same sites like i havent checked them for hours.
brain, y u do this!

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    I don't have ADHD and I sometimes catch myself reopening sites like twitter, devrant or youtube again on my other monitor after scrolling the feed to death...
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    @LotsOfCaffeine same, adhd people are more susceptible to addiction unfortunately.
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    @heyheni while true, it doesnt have to be addiction, sometimes its because i literally forgot i already checked said site mere seconds ago and im wondering if theres something wrong with the servers because "its been ages since i checked, how are there no updates?"

    adhd brain has trouble grasping the passage of time
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    I do that, on two monitors.... across multiple virtual desktops.

    Its a disease.
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