Is anyone getting this image glitch in the discussion section??

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    Yes, yes I am
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    Wait... Is there Discussions section on mobile?
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    It's not a bug. They're genuinely the arch master race. They go where they want to.

    No-one can stop the ducks.
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    @vintprox yes

    @SortOfTested broke devRant 🤷‍♂️

    Works on iOS 😔why don't I get the fun bugs.
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    @vintprox wait, is there a discussions section in dR?? :o
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    @vintprox @netikras What did we say about reading the changelogs guys? ;)

    Go to the hamburger menu (bottom right), then click on "Discussions"
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    Talk about being meta
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    Nope, don't even see an image in there
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    I use the desktop page on mobile. When using my phone.
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    @Bybit260 we have a winner over here :)
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    It's all the same shit. I think there was a titanium upgrade a long time ago and it broke:

    - Upvote and downvote buttons
    - Profile pics (fixed in some places)
    - The gif badge (fixed)
    - the background color of rants (fixed)
    - Discussions

    Layout components keep stealing from each other for some reason, especially on interactions like scrolling and clicking. It almost certainly has to do with how Titanium handles layout recycling, it isn't repopulating old controls correctly. But that's just my guess.
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    @coffeedrinker I saw that a picture from the main rant feed replaced the conversation pictures.
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