Coding-related ads are always entertaining. They nearly always contain easily spotted nonsense and error-filled code. Not even sure where to start with this one...

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    Not a python guy, but it was simply copy pasted from somewhere and went through marketing?

    It looks like they renamed a Person class example to Learning.
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    @theuser seems like Marketing had a fun time ruining the class.

    Not only that, but look at that constructor. What is up with those default value assignments?
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    literally nothing about the actual code here is making actual sense 😂
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    No idea about python ((yet)) but this made my break down in tears immediately.
    It just feels wrong, don't need to know the language to notice something off.
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    The parameters... where do they go......
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    One title "Show Academy" says it all. It's all a show and scam academy.
    Worst academy marketing ever, even couldn't make normal title.
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    Unused constructor arguments.
    python without quotes as argument.
    Wtf is Sue?
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    what the fuck XD

    yeah, they're all nonsensical, but this one is the most nonsensical i have seen so far.
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    more importantly. The arguments in init. why are they not strings?

    and now you know why they are free.
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