So with all this new political correct bullshit pandering to the extra sensitive snowflakes, what do we call a “blackout” from now on?

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    Dont give into the weak's demands lol
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    @Stuxnet don’t intend too, my mother brought me up to be a strong person, I am not offended by words that have different means in different contexts.

    These pansies don’t get that context is important.

    Where I live, the word “moer” can either mean coffee or assault mostly depending on how much I am swearing before I use it, but again coffee so it could be an either or.

    Go to Netherlands and it means mother.

    I will be renaming whatever github calls it back to master branch thank you very much, because the fact that my parents where treated poorly during a racially unequal time in our history does not offend me, I believe we need to learn from our history, to understand it so that we are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of those who came before us.

    I feel truly sorry for those who died so that those who were not able to be free, can be. They are ashamed that they took verbal and physical abode at the hands of others and all it takes today to offend someone is a word used in another context.
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    For me, blackouts seem rather fucking racist, unconstitutional, and separatists.
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    The real question is wtf do we do with "white spaces" in our code now. Hmm..
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    @jiffier euro american spaces 🤔🤣😇
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    @jiffier non printable space.
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    @jiffier That's a stupid name anyway, because they aren't white unless you're a fucking psycho who uses a white theme.
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    Short-deaths. Much more epic, and since we can't use this word for orgasms like the French do blackouts are the next best meaning.
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