I wanted to attend the Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day just to get the FREE Certification exam voucher but all the sessions until August end are full 😭😭!

PS: I am now an Oracle Cloud Certified Associate (with a score of 98%). Cheers!

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    Okay. Cool. Does that mean you can optimize this ancient oracle db?

    It has to support emojis now. Oh and don’t actually change anything, just make it better.
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    @010001111 It says Oracle Cloud and not Oracle DB.. but yeah I feel your frustration. Oracle basically needs to fix everything, including Java.
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    @devAstated I generally dislike certifications, mainly because they reflect just a certain time in your life. For me, it’s just a tool to attract customers who heard certain things and feel assured by these things.

    One of my old Leads was certified but didn’t know shit and just fucked everything good I do up, because “he is certified and knows it better” when in reality he squashed everything in one commit and called it “xyz done” and couldn’t even explain shit.

    “That’s just how you do it, I’ve seen it in my exams”
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    @010001111 Oh yes I know someone just like that. Practically knows nothing about the Cloud. Has 2 Certifications from Amazon AWS, 1 from Microsoft Azure and 3 from Oracle in Cloud Computing.

    The main reason I want to be certified is because I'm looking for a job (class of 2021) and it will aid me stand out a bit. Plus, I didn't pay for this Certification, it was free for a limited time.
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