Sonata admin - how terrible it is done. Ok it is still having good things. But some are so terrible. I am working with it for 2 years and still sometimes cannot do simple thing quickly when I forget how to do and it is annoying that you cannot see quickly by looking at the code.

This time I needed to create an admin controller action. I look at example and there are actions. but where are the fucking routes? Fucking so annoying. I try to search by method name - no results. Later found finnaly in documentation https://symfony.com/doc/master/... that you need to set those here. And I see it is impossible to find by method name if route name has underscores - because it as I understood removes those undercores and makes capital letters and so it finds action. Damn it why. Why cannot route names be same as method names without those automatic conversions? You could enter method name in search and you would find route name.

I really wanted to hit my mouse to the wall but I know mouse is not guilty. So who is guilty? Me working with sonata? Then I would need to leave a company. Its bad option too. And I want good things from sonata but just fucking remove those time wasting stupid things which you cannot find by simply looking at the code quickly.

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    I didn't event know Sonata was a thing. But I have used symfony before. For two years maybe. It sucked, it looks and feels like a poor-man's Spring framework.

    Best wishes and good luck!
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    I love Symphony, but fuck sonata admin. It works decently for simple stuff, but adding images, videos, previews etc. is a pain
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