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    How hard can it be to place a breakpoint inside (or even just a log statement) and watch when it's hit?
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    @kamen are you trying to apply logic to a shitty meme?
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    @Kimmax If this is really taken from a piece of code, then it's not just a meme.
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    @kamen it's even easier doing a search for the function name. But can't expect those retarded meme shitters to think that far and besides their audience is as retarded as they are.
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    @molaram Now imagine that there is something like JavaScript's eval() that can call functions dynamically (so that you wouldn't be able to find it).
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    @kamen whoever use eval have much bigger problems i'd say
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    @molaram I'm not saying it's good practice, I'm saying it's possible.
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    @molaram No, there are a lot of frameworks that do all sorts of "magic", where something abstracted 3 or 4 levels deep will call a method based on the name of something else based on something dynamically set, or the existence of a file, or an environment variable. *cough cough rails devs*

    Doing a full grep for the function name, its permutations, etc is not going to turn up anything.
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    @madumlao +1 I remember that calling a function with a callback function which itself took either 3 or 4 arguments yielded different results.
    Wrapper((a, b) => a+b) and
    Wrapper((a, b, _unused) => a+b)
    Will make a difference...

    My linter warned me about ‘_unused’ being unused and I removed it. Then program crashed.

    My comment was:
    “Do not fucking remove that unused parameter. It will make the program crash!”

    You guys, guess the language (and the library making use of that phenomena)!
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    A fragile equilibrium of bugs and memory leaks somehow canceling each other out keeps this masterpiece alive
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    @uyouthe @uyouthe Isn’t that the essence of a program?
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