MacOS be like: "Hmm... .pub... That's... Lets open it in... Libreoffice writer!"
>Tries changing the default app to open .pub from Libreoffice to Sublime

Now, MacOS is like: HALT! That app is from unknown publisher, your security setting does not permit opening apps from unknown developers!
>Sublime works fine, is used daily
>MacOS now tries to open... .pub files as if they were... Applications?

Wtf MacOS. Ur weird, go annoy the hipsters that use you to be cool pls. I need to actually work.

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    @7DeadlyBugs however, if that was a malicious executable disguised as a .pub document, Mac OS would have tried executing it during the second attempt to open the file. Admittedly, it would have still been stopped by the security warning, I'm just worried the too-many-prompts would lead to end-users disabling security measures altogether like everyone did with UAC when it was first introduced on Windows.
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    If you try something other than exe it might be easier
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    It turns out I had to change the default app to open the type of files in a different way than I thought, now it works...

    Still, I have no idea how I reached this error, why was it trying to open a textfile as if it was an executable?

    Text files can hardly be signed...
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    Obligatory I hate apple.
    Go use Linux or windows.
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    @Ranchu I love linux, been learnjng its ins and outs for 8 years now, and am currently working a post of sysadmin.

    That said, I had the option to upgrade to a laptop that did not lag when used with two extra monitors, and so I took it. I don't use that macbook for anything else but firing up a console and doing some basic text editing...

    So, its something I can live with.
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    @Ranchu too mainstream let's start replacing that with - React OS and FreeBSD.
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