People who don't know/follow the etiquettes of zipping a project deserve a cactus with two arms

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    Zipping the project? Let me introduce you to git...
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    I knew someone would try to point that 😂

    I wish we could use git but it's a remote server (on internet) and git server (on office net) is on local

    And cause of some shitty ssh restrictions we can't setup jenkins job
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    @chowdercake fight for what you believe in!
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    No, I'm sending you screen photos of every file's source code
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    Cacti with two arms are really freaking old saguaros, and they're worth a small fortune each. I'll gladly take a few!
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    setup something like git to (s)ftp .... I've seen this before in the wild to get around fucked infrastructure requirements 😅

    Otherwise, good luck!
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