It seems they mistaken me for italian giving me spaghetti all over the product. Go to frontend to check the app, react with weird jQuery, no routes, pages summoned by the templates that have concatenated values and html in vanilla js, changing screens/pages with jQuery, no router... ok lets see the other app, react, redux, offline capabilities and tought myself niicee hut nothing work as intended with clusterfuck of hacky workarounds that makes app look like it is working but with hardcoded data. Offline means automatic sync when you get the network back, right? Oh backend never developed any sync, so you guys can do it, we have to fix and patch some important stuff! I don't like php but whatever, let's see what is going on there... So much spaghetti bolognese there that Bologna actually called to ask if they can buy some, they are out of stock because of us!

This is just like that song mess.css from stdout, but in any file you open!

Living on deserted island eating grass and coconut for the rest of the life doesn't seem so bad atm!

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    Wow, that's another level of code 😄
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    @PonySlaystation you should see the abstractions on the backend, my extensions have extensions level of extended classes...

    Also there is typescript on frontend and a lot of 'any' types.

    Spent 'two years' to refactor one screen with jQuery generated table, data all over the place, redux, window, indexedDB, local states, you name it...
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    „It’s all to code“
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    Fusion bomb.

    Some things shouldn't exist and must be purged thoroughly.
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