@dfox feature request: polls

It would be great to ask (for example) "what's your preferred os?" and have ppl respond by hitting 1 of the 4 options:

a) linux (60%, 600 votes)
b) mac (30%, 300 votes)
c) windows (0%, 0 votes)
d) other (10%, 100 votes)

Sorry if already requested.

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    All polls will become tabs vs spaces
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    @RandarXJ7 What about 1s or 0s?
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    Polls are a bit of a gimmick if you ask me. They'll get used so rarely, and we don't need anymore reason for the Linux elite to tell us their OS is better than Windows.
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    @drRoss But Linux is BETTER THAN WINDOWS!
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    @vortexman100 Come back to me when Linux has 5% of the desktop market share.
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    @LicensedCrime Useability is a subjective metric and can't easily be measured better/worse. I subjectively find Gnome 3 (non-windows) to be the best desktop environment.

    I use windows at work and if it was unarguably better, I'd have to admit windows has the best UI, despite my personal feelings, I can't. I find it awkward and uncomfortable to use. To ME, it's the worst.

    If windows was objectively the better OS why has there not been a mass exodus of users from android to windows phone? Android is Linux and windows phone is windows phone, if windows were objectively better there'd be no more android.

    Yet a cursory glance shows android at 75-80% market share whereas windows phone... I don't know that I've ever seen one in the wild.

    If windows were just "better" windows phone would be dominant, it isn't.

    Different OS work for different people. If Linux works, use it, if windows does use that.

    Windows doesn't work for me, subjectively it's the worst os for me!
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    @nmuro I agree with your point regarding usability being subjective but comparing Android and Windows OS on phone is like comparing Linux and Mac OS.

    Yes, Android is based on Linux but it's unfair to compare it with Windows OS or iOS.
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    @nmunro there is a huuuuuge difference between windows and windows phone that makes them not comparable, windows has a large community of users and you always find someone that had your issue before you.
    You don't find anybody on Windows phone, period.
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    @op strongly disagree. This is a place for rant, you don't rant by polling.
    Stop making this app a fucking social network we got enough of this crap! Each time I come back to this community it's getting worse.
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    @Ubbe a Playstation ? Haha. Sorry didn't know Playstation was for gaming, I thought it was just a PayStation. Something must have confused me :D
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    @Ubbe Stop breeding console peasants.

    If you expect Windows to work in Unix way, you'll not enjoy the OS. It has it's own way of doing things. Windows 10 anniversary edition is one of the best OS in the market right now
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    @brunmcray If they can't be compared then why are we comparing any OS? What exactly is it about my comparison that makes it unfair? Android and Windows phone compete in the same market. Are you suggesting that windows phone simply can't compete?

    And then if it can't, why not? Windows phone shares code with regular windows, as did windows RT. Android shares code with Linux desktop code, including kernel and tools.

    It's ok to compare Linux on the desktop against windows on the desktop but it's not ok to compare Linux on mobile to windows on mobile? I don't understand why the arbitrary distinction. If it's ok to compare desktop windows to desktop Linux and how low the market share for Linux is, it's ok to counter with how badly windows is doing against Linux in mobile.

    Or even super computing, if android is fundamentally different to desktop, how different will super computer systems built on Linux be?

    How different does different have to be?
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    @hiestaa I wasn't comparing windows to windows phone.

    I was comparing desktop Linux to desktop windows and mobile Linux to mobile windows and questioning the absolute inherent awesomeness of windows in general, since both windows and windows phone share a common base. It bears the windows name, Microsoft are willing to call it windows so it counts.
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    Did someone just say Windows is the best OS? wtf .The end is coming.
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    @bdhobare For some, it might be. Not for me and maybe not for you, but for some, yes.

    I once knew someone who maintained RiscOS was the best OS ever, so, you know, whatever works for the person...
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    Love the idea. Remember to tag @dfox in a cooment otherwise he might not see it
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    @nmunro the contexts are just not the same, and the fact that Windows phone and desktop bear the same name doesn't mean they have the same usability and the same competition.
    The fact that I choose windows over Linux for its ease of use doesn't imply that I will prefer Windows phone over Android, because end users don't give a fuck about the kernel. We see the GUI, and our experience is much more related to the talent of the user experience designers than the kernel devs.
    You also don't have the same usage of Linux and Windows on a phone and a desktop! The comparison doesn't hold.
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    @bdhobare I didn't say Windows is the best OS. I said it's one of the best OS.

    @Ubbe Sorry m8 but I don't jump on the hate train like everyone else. Windows 10 anniversary edition is a great OS. They learned a lot of their mistake and made fix for that.

    I used Linux for 3-4 years. I used to hate windows for productivity. But in the anniversary edition they brought all the tools I needed (i.e. bash) and made a lot of good changes. Plus I can use all my devices (sound cards etc) without any hassle and I don't have to switch OS for gaming. So for me, it's all good.
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    @hiestaa The context was "windows is better than Linux" no greater refinement in the comment was given.

    So I simply asserted that if windows was absolutely the best OS then it'd have over taken android. Again, no specific context, just "windows", not desktop windows, not server windows, just "windows".

    And you agreed in the mobile space windows isn't great.

    Now for sure the desktop and mobile versions differ, just like android and desktop Linux differ.

    My whole roundabout point is how futile and pointless all this is.

    I can't stand windows, personally, but it bothers me that it was assumed the usage would be 0% in the original post cos that's not even close to being true. To some it works for them. So can we all just agree things are different and settle down?
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    @tahnik . I was replying to @LicensedCrime 's comment

    guys who are claiming windows is better because they can play GTA are totally misled.
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    @nmunro no way WE'RE HERE TO FIGHT!
    I get your point tho, I tend to think about desktop by default when mobile is not explicitly mentioned, so I was stuck in this context :)
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    @LicensedCrime Define "best" my point was that what best means might be different from person to person. For me it's already the best, for you? I have no way to know. Noone can create what you don't express.
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    DevRant: the place where a simple feature request turns into an OS fight 😂😂
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    @cube5 And i just wanted to make a joke up there...
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    @drRoss Although I'm obviously a Linux guy, nearly all PC's (except for apple stuff) comes pre-installed with windows. This way, it's pretty damn hard to discover other systems like Linux when you're a default user and don't look further than the already installed os on your new pc
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    @linuxxx If people were that eager to change, they would.

    But they're obviously not so...
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