Mega and Uno communicating... they do be vibing doe...

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    This has evolved extremely rapidly
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    @OmerFlame I was expecting something like “53nd nud35”
    What does 0129 mean ?
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    @dder LOL
    Alright, so I tried to take a video and upload it but I can’t so I only took a photo. What you’re seeing here is the Arduino Mega connected to a potentiometer through its ADC (analog to digital converter) and it gets a value of 0 to 1023, then I send that value over I2C to the Arduino Uno which is connected to a SPI-controlled display which shows the value.
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    @OmerFlame well done!
    Now make the receiving arduino convert the value into ascii.
    If it stays the same for one second, fix the char and move one to the right. Await the next changing value and display it. That’s the loop.

    If you reach the end of the display, start over.
    That way you should be able to turn the Poti until you see a “s” then stay calm, then turn it until you see an “e”...
    I guess you get the point.

    That should feel like breaking into a bank safe 🙃
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    @dder I really like your thought process, it all accumulates to “send nudes” and I love it so much
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    @OmerFlame that’s Ehm... I think a coincidence
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    @OmerFlame put "(.y.)" later lol
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