One elementary school teacher of mine once said:

"In a football (soccer) game, the goalkeeper can be a very good player. He can make some incredible saves during the match. If he concedes a howler, people will remember him by that.

The forward can do everything wrong during the match. If he manages to score one goal, this is sufficient to justify why he was playing."

A team without a forward will have a harder time trying to win, but it is possible. A team without a goalkeeper will certainly lose. If you think into it, it's possible to conclude that the goalkeeper is more important than the forward. But football isn't rational; it isn't about fairness or importance. It is about emotions: forwards get all the visibility and fame because they get to do the "fun" part of the job.

Why people subject themselves to be goalkeepers then? Well, not every one is the same. In this game, if you, for any reason, aren't good playing with your foot, and still want to play, there is only one position you can take.

I think about this all the time because feel that in our work environment, managers are forwards and devs/scientists/technicians are goalkeepers.

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    That's a very good analogy, I like it.

    @molaram I think this is now my favorite expression
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    Those who can’t do, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, manage.
    Those who can’t manage, recruit.
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    Yeah but you forgot that the area that a goalkeeper manages is much less than a forward. Also the idle time for a goal keeper is much more than the forward, which is exactly why forwards get all the attention. They should be running most of the 90 mins, while the GK stands there and waits for his chance.

    Parreto rule applies here: you have to work 20% to achieve 80% of the result (GK) and 80% more to achieve the other 20% of the results. (FW)
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    @Root & those who can do everything, BRAVO!!!
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    You have to be very good playing with your feet to be a successful football goalkeeper.
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    @Root Yay! I'm at the second step already! Can't wait for that final one!
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    @electrineer NGL, read foosball there.
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    @molaram are you drunk or why are you suddenly so mad about irrelevant/troll comments? Or is it just because they are not your own?
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    @Root i think its supposed to be:
    Those who can't manage: Manage anyway.
    Those whose IQ is half a point below a banana: recruit
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