Fuck windows update. Fuck Microsoft for sending daily updates. Fuck everything about windows update. Fuck bill gates. And again fuck windows update

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    Windows update just corrupted a fresh installed Windows 10 👌
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    i've had the update blown off (because yeah, disabling doesn't do anything, but you can blow it off by changing like 3 registry values and renaming 2 exe files or so) for about the past year, and i've never been happier with my windows 10 <3

    this "needs to be updated constantly otherwise it's dead!" culture is stupid :(
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    The worst of it is you just want to shut down and call it a night after working for 12 hours straight but nooooooo Windows is preparing updates please don't turn your machine off goddamn sumbitch piece of shit on a motherfucker asshole then it doesn't switch off for 30 minutes because it wanted to install the updates but was still downloading the fucking updates hrrgrggrgrggrggrggrrrrrrrrrrr *foaming mouth*
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    In my opinion for 99.99 % of Windows users the updates are a really good thing. At least it works fine for me.
    The last situation where an update crashed a PC was some years ago when my father switched off the PC during update (even when it was stated in fat letters “Do not turn off your PC”) - comment from my father was “It took so long...” After that nothing worked and I had to reinstall everything. So sometimes the problem is sitting in front of the PC...
    What should I say...
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    @Midnight-shcode Because who needs security, right?
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    Set up Active Hours and stop whining.
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    @kamen exactly. Windows even suggests active hours automatically based on your usage so updates don't disturb you.
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    too many fucks given
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    I always wonder how people who use Linux always manage to fuck up their windows install. Mine has been running steady for 4 years now, no hiccups, no nothing
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    @frogstair The usual "It's Windows, it fucks up by itself". For the record, I've been running the same instance of W10 with no clean re-installs (only new Insider builds) for 5 years.
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    Simple solution:

    USB Stick. External harddrive. Anything with enough space.

    Get newest ISO from Windows, put it on ANOTHER USB stick.

    Then nuke everything.

    Update Bios, Firmware, everything.

    Start Windows Install.

    Shift … F10...
    Clear the disk with diskpart.


    Restart, finish installation.

    First backup (full including partition table).

    Install everything.

    Second backup (full including partition table).

    Label the stick / harddrive. Put it somewhere safe.

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    I hope you've got enough stamina for all that fucking!!
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    PSA: just disable the fucking update service and shut the hell up, it's windows and most of you have intel processors, you're exactly as vulnerable patched vs unpatched. "i can't it's a work laptop" boot disk or sethc.exe replacement and disable it via registry key
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    @sbiewald i'm pretty secure that no MS update will brick my machine, thankyouverymuch.

    also what the commend directly above mine said.
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