Don't you just love it, when Windows lovers community just throws user's concerns and issues right back into their faces? "it works for me!" they say.

On the other hand, Linux sucks. (because it still got a lot of room for improvements!)

Seriously, we need better OSs.

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    To the mac users:
    You don't count.
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    I mean, there's nothing more 8nfuriating that spending 2hrs of your life going through troubleshooting and everything just to say fuckit, restart everything and then it magically works....
    Windows really needs better troubleshooting and issue resolution

    Also, rule of thumb. Don't restart, fully shut down and power up
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    @Lyym Restart is a better option if Fast-Boot is on
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    @ViRaS agreed, but with windows keeping in memory current opened apps, browsers and pages, I always prefer to fully shut down just to wipe everything from the volatile memory
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    @NoMad apparently... I don't know, but to me the whole OS wars just seems plain stupid. As with languages and frameworks etc, they're tools. Some are objectively better for certain tasks, but there's also always the subjective viewpoint of how they fit the user.
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    @100110111 not my point. My point is: neither of the available options are good enough.
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    @NoMad the fun thing is: you are right...

    If you look at current (possible/existing) hardware and the firmware/ software stack....

    Then everything is mindboggling wrong.

    BIOS - nearly 40 years old
    UEFI - a frankenstein that became ridiculous
    ACPI - Buggy as hell
    ... (List can go on...)

    Other examples?
    We still use SCSI / AHCI.

    NVMe (as a protocol) should really become a standard.


    And that an OS still needs to support a lot of mindboggling buggy and erroneous stuff is shit.

    I sometimes really wish they'd bring out something like X86 reloaded, where they carefully remove everything that's known to suck AND implement proper replacements.

    And by proper I mean sane...

    Will never happen I know :/
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    In which points does linux suck ? I never experience anything bad except that you can not fully play video games on it
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    @Flamestro that, driver issues, UI and DEs suck ass for 2020, it's not using resources good enough (CPU/GPU dynamic usage, I mean) and most importantly, not enough support for the expanding mahcine learning field whether it is in training or usage, and there should be the rest of this list but I cbf thinking further.
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    @NoMad okay I see what you mean now
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    We will reach singulaty someday...
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