Next Gen wouldn’t know where they gotta pull the code from 🙈

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    I was able to get some of my garbage code buried in there!
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    @Ranchu same, contributions to other repos
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    Yeah. Because Webpack 4 is going to matter in 1000 years.
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    Half the terabytes are node_modules 😒
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    @GiddyNaya nah we put gitignores there
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    @Ranchu though they are open source and are on github.
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    @Ranchu same, i have contributed 60 lines of scala code to the vault
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    Why? Even permafrost doesn’t prevent code rot.
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    @Root They use Piqlfilm reels for archive, which hold about ~120GB per reel.

    It's just ~13 thousand "analog" film frames per reel, each with an 8.4MB QR code with pixels so dense it almost looks like a grey blur to the eye.

    The film is a thick, non-degradable polymer so it's obviously not affected by EMPs, it's stored in very sturdy casette boxes, and it has a melting point above 200c (I tried a pressure cooker and a laboratory drying oven), so I suspect some kind of proprietary polyamide.

    They used Piql film reels at ESA when I worked there for a subcontractor, all of their most important data is archived that way.

    The only required tech/knowledge a 1000-year-in-the-future civilization needs:

    1. Have a magnifying glass

    2. Understand UTF-8 encoding

    3. The patience to read through a million shitty coffeescript SVG animation libraries
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    Having worked in museums, you'd be shocked at how often priceless records are just left to rot because there isn't enough money to care for them, repair them, or even transcribe their content to another medium before they turn to dust in a box.

    And that's not counting the thousands of tons of ancient knowledge binned because there isn't space for everything.

    Reminds me of:


    > The Great Library of Alexandria
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    It's a waste of time. Most of these 21TB are puplicates node modules not excluded from gitignore...
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    @raulqf I am pretty confident they are clever enough to exclude duplicates somehow..
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    @Kyu96 yes, I was just kidding :)
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    Wrote few articles for free code camp and that's what i got burried there.
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    Isn't there like a Hentai Decensoring repo somewhere in there?!
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    @JFK422 Yes there is
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