Welcome to Nigeria (the most religious nation in the world), - all python developers are devilish and will rot in hell! according to this man of God.

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    What chance is there that this is a troll?

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    @alexbrooklyn lol the pastor is probably uninformed and made judgement due to sentiments.
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    If this is real after all - what the actual flying microtonal fuck?
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    I mean trying to run Python code and having to deal with version and env differences will make you believe in hell...
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    Bahahahahaha. Reminds me of when cars were not accepted in religious communities because they were made by Satan or some shit.
    They also said similar things about fridges and vaccines and literally a bijillions other shit that they ended up taking their word back about because between religion and comfort, people generally opt for comfort.
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    What the hell I love Nigeria now
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    You get free money. Nice. This is so hilarious 😂
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    Well, I am not suprised.
    My parents reacted the same.
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