Human-robot studies suck.

Like, why do I even have to compare dumbass humans to computers? Or why should I even make my robot human friendly? Why can't humans be robot friendly? Example: Robot says beep, you get out of the way. Why should the poor robot do so much planning because humans are too stupid to move out of the way? How is this fair?

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    Think about it this way.
    It's not making your robot more human friendly.

    It's making your robot stupidity proof. Cause let's face it, human stupidity levels are always on the rise.
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    Because Murphy's law
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    @Lyym If we stop making things safe, that problem will solve itself. ☺️
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    @Root it's quite nasty to clean up body parts after something has happened. Safety didn't exist with machinery less than a hundred years ago.
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    Well look at it this way - you could either make them go around ... or maybe... just maybe... you could teach them to go *through* them.
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    If you want for people to get out of the way, you install guns on the robot.
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    @Gregozor2121 well, that's a very American approach. Alas, elsewhere guns are banned.
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