had to cancel my presentation to a client today

apple is taking their sweet time to review my app.. im on week 2 right now...

No new computer for me yet this week...

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    Any chance you could testflight demo it?
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    @SortOfTested testflight is also in review

    And the fun part is, this is just a fancy TODO list app.

    Ive had much complexer apps where the onboarding alone takes longer than then the time apple took between me submitting it and having it reviewed...
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    This stinks
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    @Kimmax welcome to working with apple...

    you are forced to pay(100$ a year) and use their tools, but dont expect any support for that in return...

    meanwhile over at google, 25$ once, and hyperbolicly speaking, they will probably send someone over for personal support
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    Why rely on Apple for a demo?
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    @wiwe2210 because apple locks you in that way

    "here is the imac, use the emulator to try out your phone app" is not really a realistic option
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    @dakkarant also the validation process is probably just a robot that virus scans it and runs it on virtual machines to know which ones it crashes on so it can hide the app on the store from those devices =D

    which is... an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.
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    Still have my old Mac book air sitting in a box broken. Barely made it out of warranty before it said I quit, that's with taking to genius bar WHIKE STILL IN WARRANTY, fixed it once, new warranty went by and so did the computer. Currently on like a 5-6 year old Lenovo Ideapad 110 lol. Updated it with an ssd but it's stock otherwise. Currently running Ubuntu 20.04 and hasn't let me down yet *knock on wood*
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    "genius bar"

    every time i see that name i wonder if the reference to the "genius" meme was intentional or just a happy coincidence.
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    @Midnight-shcode they're real "geniuses" alright... Took about an hour to do the troubleshooting steps I found on Google and did in 15 lol
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    @Midnight-shcode yeah, the whole "we carefully review the apps personally" is just marketing BS
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