Apparently some freaking man in my ex-team tried to learn Vim because he thought he could become more efficient but he spend more than two weeks trying it while delivering poor quality code with extra spaces, bad indentation and extra "wq" strings

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    This needs to be a rant tag, devrant is for platform topics.

    Sorry your coworker is an idiot.
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    haha such an idiotwq
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    I'm trying to be nice. They're just a person who was hired to a grossly incompetent company that doesn't penalize devs for code that obviously never built in the first place and is definitely not tested.
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    Tell you coworker to use vimtutor first
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    @SortOfTested I do like devs that either are incompetent fucks trying to hide the fact or what can only be defined as outsourced work on their behalf to some other incompetent fuck who should have been electrocuted the moment they took on the job.

    One day they may learn... I'm being optimistic again ain't I 😑
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    You are indeed my sunshine 😋
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    I'm trying out vim as well and I also posted some weird indents at first. I'm just using it in my spare time though.

    I don't think vim will ever make me more effective I just think it's fun and having fun coding might make me more prolific.
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    damn, vim ain't that hard to begin with
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    @SortOfTested Careful, @C0D4 is not used to compliments. You might end up breaking him (he's buggy enough already)

    @AleCx04 That is true, but considering OP's description of his coworker, that guy doesn't seem all there
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    @M1sf3t Can you explain further? I'm not sure I know what you mean
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    ILearning curvewq
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