3D Touch by Apple was one of the most amazing thing ever but as always, Apple managed to make it useless. How? Keep what 3D Touch does same as long press. Stupid!!

Why didn’t Apple keep use of 3D Touch different? Like maybe long press (Haptic touch) for Haptic Touch menu and 3D Touch for quick copy or paste the text. 3D Touch some word instead of selecting and waiting for copy button to come and 3D Touch the textbox to paste. But noooooo they will keep it exactly same as what every other thing does and call it useless and remove it.

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    Long press is slow and unnatural and they wanted to replace it.

    Touchscreens have two disadvantages compared to other input devices: limited haptic feedback and limited number of possible interactions. The latter one was worked around with long presses, but it's not something common in nature and it slows you down. 3D Touch is quick, has distinct haptic feedback and it's kind of natural - sometimes you have to press things harder outside of digital interfaces.

    Adding a third interaction method wouldn't fix drawbacks of long presses and it could also not work very well because it's too many for average Joe. Most people ignore the wheel button on a standard PC mouse despite it being quite useful.
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    @gronostaj That is a good point you made. Thank you.

    But still, long press and Haptic Touch is the same thing, the only difference is it gives a vibration feedback 😅 I just wish they hadn’t removed 3D Touch.
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    3D touch wasn't really very accessible. You'd have to provide alternatives to every feature you build on top of 3D touch in this case
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    But you can long press on a text box and bring up the copy/paste menu.

    - Sent from iPhone XR 😅
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    Best use of force touch imo is when you do it on keyboard and it allows you to move the thingy the thingy damn I forgot it’s name the blinking typing thingy. So sad new versions don’t have it.
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