So for awhile now I’ve been preparing myself for my first dev job as a .NET dev, and I’ve mostly just been polishing my C# knowledge with OOP, Entity Framework, ASP.NET and it’s been going really well.

So my self assigned time limit (end of August-beginning of September) is coming up and that’s when I’m gonna apply, so I decided today to take some time from programming to actually make my resume.

I did not use a template so it looks boring and I don’t have a lot to put on it but what I did put on it was important and I feel is solid (for not having worked before).

I’m having a few people I know look at it from a professional stand point and gave me feed back I implemented and it is better now.

I already linked my github, should I link my LinkedIn?

will people actually care if I don’t use a template to make it visually pop because I’d honestly rather keep it how it looks as is if I can.

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    I don't even look at attached links, honestly. I'm going to read the paper resume, and base an investigative analysis interview questions on that. Usually get hundreds of resumes in a batch.
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    @SortOfTested is the look of it going to effect my chances? Or should I attempt to make it visually appealing.

    My mindset is that if they care about me they won’t care but idk I don’t hire people or look at resumes of other people
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    I want to see your experience, skills that reference the actual job, experience, etc.

    Most of the time I assume that whatever resume I'm seeing is a third hand retread of whatever the applicant gave a recuiter that got filtered through an HR Dept. So, I tend to not care at all what it looks like as long as it represents your skills.
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    @SortOfTested great, thanks for the info!
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    @Bubbles as long as it's not on a napkin you should be fine
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    @Codex404 I can confirm it is not on a napkin
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