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    I didnt know, i can hack
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    Such nice hackers. Break into Windows and verify file system is in proper order before they install the ransomware lol. What paper is this?! I want a copy bc I sit next to our ITSEC group they would die laughing
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    Hah and for the original devRant title...

    fschk.fat this 😝
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    Must be hack3r from the 90s. My terminal is colourful as fuck.
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    Jesus Christ you guys seen them hax?
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    What the fsck?
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    @keigezellig same idea just way older, from ATT/Unix, now on (macOS?) Linux, etc. It's a disk sanity check that usually runs really fast when you boot. I'm sure wiki has 10 pages about it if your Uber bored! 🤐
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    @stable-penguin f me. That was a joke. I thought it said what is fsck. I didn't want to be an ass and say Google it.. wow glad this is online!
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    That and I never want anyone to feel excluded or afraid to ask. There are things that everyone could learn if so meant were not scared of how someone might react. It happens online, on grade school, and I see it at work all the time. So on that note...

    All that to say I read the post top fast and answered a question that wasn't asked haha. Cheers --
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    @stable-penguin Don't worry, i don't feel offended in any way, we all make mistakes sometimes :). OT: I use linux myself so i know what fsck is :) But the pun 'what the fsck' was too funny to not use here.
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    Their Windows system must have suddenly crashed whilst they were writing this up so they thought it was funny to include a picture of chkdsk after the crash.
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