We got an HTC Vive from my girlfriend’s brother two weeks ago. We’ve been enjoying it, playing games, looking at places to move, using it as a virtual vacation (since we haven’t left the house in months thanks to covid and sweltering heat), etc. It’s been amazing.

Today, my 1yo decided it would be great fun to wrap its cord in the exercise bike and spin the pedals (and therefore flywheel) as fast as he could. It ripped the headset band off, broke the plastic attachment, and tore the cables out. He also broke the pedal somehow.

So no more Vive.

We can probably get it fixed, but.
My heart hurts.

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    Well you can always put the vive on the kid, gag him and hang him with elastic cord from the ceiling, play some space video.
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    Nothing feels as lost as when my children destroy it.
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    @molaram Not sure why gag him, but otherwise I love this concept. Train the spacers of future colonies.
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    Fuck kids!
    Mine pushed my laptop on to the ground today, the THUD made my heart stop.

    Somehow the screen and hinge survived the fall though, so you win today's challenge!
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    tiny weapons of mass destruction.
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    @Lor-inc gag him so he won't scream
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    Sounds like an stupidly cute tornado.
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    @molaram the screaming is half the fun though? 🤔
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    I have 3 of those modules. If they allocate the same space its disastrous.
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    @WildPotato I laughed out loud
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