devRant is more like developer's twitter..🙌

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    False. Devrant is blind for people who don't live in silly valley
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    @SortOfTested how can I argue with that.🤷
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    You don't, you accept it, go through the stages of grief and start ranting 😘
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    Twitter don't have developers, only coders.
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    How the hell is this anything like Twitter?
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    No. Go wash your mouth out with a bar of soap right now and don't let me hear you ever say that filth again.
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    This may be basically a programmer subreddit, but we are very insecure about it.
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    @SortOfTested thank you.
    My little heart just exploded by this.
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    @theuser no.

    Every single subreddit has a hive mentality and if you try to being up a point from the other side, it gets downvoted into Oblivion. Here debate is embraced.

    Sure there's *some* hive mentality here, but it's mainly just popular opinions that most agree on, but not worshipped as the only way.
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    @theuser Okay, I will agree with that.👍
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    @parity-bit aww that's cute you tried to insult me.

    I'll give you an B- for the effort, but you really gotta try harder next time buddy.
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    @parity-bit Go back to reddit. Collectivism is not welcomed here.
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    @Root Don't get me wrong.
    But I was never been on reddit, and to answer your question, Twitter is more gibberish in a way in comparison to devRant, I only say that when I use devRant and read people's shit, I kinda feel like twitter vibe, but you know who takes me seriously ?
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    Devrant, despite the rants is significantly less negative compared to twitter.
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    @N00bPancakes That's one way to put it.
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    @theuser did someone say my name?

    @Stuxnet but your my dumbass 😅

    devRant is more about hating on our work mates / employers then it is about self promoting our bullshit. this negativity erodes the need to hate on each other, generally speaking, plus we can all take comfort in knowing that someone else is enjoying our shit day / week.
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    @C0D4 exactly. For the most part we love each other here with the minor beef here and there.

    Like AlexDeLarge vs pretty much everyone that used to occur lmao
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    @Stuxnet ah, the big purple dick guy 😅 he was a legend of his own making.

    Also, where else can I post random images and still get ++ that reddit / twitter has no user base for?

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    @Stuxnet The AlexDeLarge beef were literally so fucking dumb, people were acting like snakes
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