> Mister IHateForALiving, we have an automated procedure which downloads files from a website. You should update it and use the new webservice instead.
Sounds cool, just send me the documentation

> Oh yeah, have this example of a request
... Dude, this thing has 10 parameters. None of them are named, and 7 of them are actually nulled. How do I fill this thing?

Oh, ehm... Let's ask the client then!

> NONONONO, we told the client this update was live at least 3 months ago, we can't begin asking questions now

Ouch. How much time do I have to make sense of this mess?

> The new supplier should take charge by the end of the month, I'd like this to be live by Tuesday

Needless to say, it's not going well, but that ain't none of my business

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    I feel that it should be acceptable to invest in a parallelized fuzzer with an random ip pool....

    Just to find out what's acceptable by bruteforcing the shit out of the API.

    No documentation - no problem.

    I'll just throw poo at u till u tell me whar you really want.
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