I have dilema..

Should I go to a small software company that use latest angular + .net core and have tech lead..
continue working in large non-it mnc department where I have autonomy to do things however I want see I fit.

I think going to software house is good. The payment is good, but maybe it will cost some of my life due to I have to be fullstack.

At the large non it mnc company is better I have to do front end using Angular and I have total control. No one point out what is my mistakes.

I am young 24 and not married yet

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    the larger the project, the better the experience.

    Now you have no one to point out what you're doing wrong, what could be better/cheaper. None to show you new solutions, patterns, approaches. Noone to discuss with. Simply put - I don't think you have a way to grow professionally where you are now.

    Go out there, build your portfolio, grow your xp while you still have time.
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    Nah, just stay home.

    If your attitude really is such that you don't want anyone to point out your mistakes, that is.
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    I think you should stay where you are, it seems nice
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