And today I renewed my IntelliJ license... bye bye money...

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    @molaram not even close, paid for it with pleasure.
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    @molaram everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I’ve been using it for 2 years and don’t plan on going back. Spent a decade with tools like sublime and vscode and on their best day their a bad joke in comparison.
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    @RTRMS Sublime is amazing. It has helpful tools, it’s snappy, and simply doesn’t get in the way.

    Meanwhile, RubyMine lags while bloody typing on my top of the line work MacBook Pro and misses or mixes up some of my input. It smart-indents the wrong lines, unindents the wrong lines, can’t do lookups/resolutions half the time, and I find most of its fancy features just get in the way. Even the auto suggestions are worse.

    I’ll take Sublime over IntelliJ any day.

    The only tool I would genuinely miss is the debugger. And background image support.
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    @Root I got a sublime license. One of the best investments I’ve ever done. It’s still my go to text editor
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    @Root I can pretty much say the same about IDEA, I’ve never had a moments issue with it.

    Never actually liked sublime, Atom and VSCode were still nice, but there are just too many things I like that it simply cannot do, or is just more complicated.

    I still have VSCode, I use it for simple things, go do a quick change in one of the projects I seldom work on that does not need all the extra usefulness, but if I have to spend more than 5 minutes in it I get frustrated and just pull it into idea rather.

    The one thing VSCode is better with is startup time, there is no amount of plugins that makes it as useful.
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    Investing in productivity tools is always worth it, you get your money back in saved time.
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    @RememberMe which is why in just dropped 130usd of my own money on it, work ain’t paying me back. I wish...
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    As long as you are a student, you can get a free license for all jetbrains products, which is nice. The free Versions of IDEA intelliJ and PyCharm are awesome. After that i have searched for alternatives, because i had used CLion pretty regularly, but it was for a personal project. So if someone's interested, i ended up with KDevelop. It's definitely an awesome tool, the only two things that annoy me are that the terminal output doesn't support ANSI Escape Codes and those humongous Popups everywhere i put my mouse cursor in the code.
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