can you guys show me yours & your favorite personal websites?

i need mine to be unique and POP. right now mine has a linear gradient background that changes each time with javascript to look cool, but that's pretty much it. do you guys have any ideas?

i really want the user to be able to deepfake the picture of me in it by using their camera and tensorflow.js so that the picture will change to their facial expressions, but i'm not sure how to do that yet.

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    cool animations, designs, etc would be great too!
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    Define: pop
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    @Root something that would make the website memorable, where a dev or nondev would say "wow, that's cool"
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    @calmyourtities You misunderstand. I’m making fun of it because that is the adjective that literally every. single. client. in. the. world. uses in their requirements, and yet they can never define it or give examples.
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    if you need inspiration there is always awwwards where you can feel instantly shit and worthless and steal from.

    Best Portfolio Websites | Web Design Inspiration - Awwwards
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    Also remember! A personal / portfolio website is not about beeing flashy or "pop" it's about selling the benefits of your skills for the website visitor.

    Wrong: I have 5 years of Java.
    Correct: Expect fast precise results in if you hire me and my 5 years of daily professional use of Java.

    So put emphasis on the content of your website.
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    In addition to what @heyheni recommended, I highly recommend the “web designers idea book” series.

    And he is spot-on about focusing on the content and selling how you can help visitors instead of just showing off.
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    @Root haha i'm seventeen so i've never heard of it

    @heyheni i'm in the process of applying to college, so i'm doing this so colleges see it. i've already got all the content i need, i just want it to look cool at this point.
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    Flashy websites like Awwwkwards seriously suck because they have no purpose, and the only thing they accomplish is to make a user look at it and then close it, never to be opened again.

    They piss on usability and accessibility in favour of the "look, I'm such a cool dick" attitude.
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    As for my personal website (no link because that's under real name), it's kept to what's necessary, but not more. Usability, acessibility, responsiveness, performance, but no superfluous frills. It does have some JS with interactive animations, but only where I need that to actually convey content.

    There are even skip links that blend in and out (the latter even with time delay) to accomodate keyboard-only users, but regular users won't notice that feature as it doesn't get in their way.
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    My Website is white, with dark text.

    That’s it. I’m a Designer.
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    @010001111 Mine also. Except if the browser has its colour scheme set to dark, in which case it will automatically use the dark mode scheme that I put into my CSS. No stupid clicks and no cookies required.
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    I was 17 once too lol and thought the same. Fuck writing content with substance that's a nuisance for loosers! I (big I) gonna make it flashy and blow everyone away.
    Today i call that "Peacock" behavior. Beautiful from the front and not much on the back. 😄

    If you think your website doesn't make you sound like an arrogant asshole (unintentionally ofc 😉) and puts your vistitor's needs in the center of your show. Here are some tipps.

    Typography matters. The Font is the tiniest component in your arsenal to make you instantly liked or disliked. Have look at
    https://www.typewolf.com for good font combos.
    Use proper typographic hierarchy, for some inspiration consult

    When crafting your website, think before you code. Use pen an pencil an create structure of the page. Structure your copy text too. For ex. What Why How, What value this has for the viewer.

    Find an ebook of this
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    If you want some unintrusive eye candy have a look a p5 js. But don't overdo it!
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    @heyheni i don't want it to be cocky, but i want it to be colorful and cool. haven't you ever seen something on a website and thought, "damn that was cool?" i want to do that.
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    yeah and for that you'll go to college? 🙂
    Don't be so hard on yourself with 17 y/o you don't have to know everything yet.
    Because making a "woah" website needs a lot knowledge from various profesions. It's damm hard!

    1. Concept writer
    2. user research
    3. Copywriting
    4. Typography / Graphic Design
    5. eventually photography and illustration
    6. project management
    7. Programming
    8. devops
    9. Marketing
    10 Search engine optimization
    11. eventually blog writing

    Keep an keen interest in everything and over time you'll be that good that one day you'll win an awwward your self?

    what do you want to study?
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    @heyheni i want them to think i have a passion for it, and i know a lot. i want to display my skills more than being professional, as i am not looking for a job. i want colleges to think i'm passionate and already know a lot about programming.
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    @heyheni I love fonts like Verdana plus similar ones for Mac and Linux, and fallback on Arial resp. sans-serif in case the system has none of the fonts I specify in the CSS font-family. And some serif fonts for print media.

    Not fancy, but very readable on screen, no bandwidth wasted for font downloads, and no privacy problems like with Google hosted fonts.

    There shouldn't be more than two different fonts at most anyway, and what I hate in particular are thin, light-grey fonts on white background which are hard to read if you aren't a young 20-something with laser sight.
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    @calmyourtities You could make something useful with your skills. How about you have a checkers game with computer adversary in JavaScript? That should be a lot simpler than chess, you can make it as projected 3D board, and make it look really cool.

    Or what's also fun, Liar's Dice, which is sort of a pirate gamble game.
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    @Fast-Nop i want something unique and modern. i was maybe thinking something with tensorflow.js
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    @calmyourtities You could try applying neural networks to Liar's Dice, maybe even with different personalities. NNs have been a great success in poker and backgammon, so that should work.
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    @calmyourtities I once saw a cool particle effect and I rolled it into an AngularJS directive. I put it in the header of my site (link on my profile) come take a look. Feel free to steal the code if you like it.
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    There is a very fine line between beautiful and shitty websites
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    @theabbie i think you just said that to sound smart. it's a pretty grey area, actually. there's a ton of websites that are visually ok and moderately shitty.
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    @calmyourtities Not everyone has same taste, Some people like clean websites, Some like all sorts of animation. Some like flashy, some like classic. The best way is to see how professionals do it.
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    @calmyourtities And I am only talking about design, not functionality
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    @theabbie where's the fine line though?
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    @calmyourtities Make it attractive, but to a limit, That's the fine line. It may become irritating if you overdo it. For eg. I seriously don't like websites which follow the same tradition, Headers, Sidebars (especially when not actually required, you don't need sidebar just to show 3 links). Webpage is an open canvas, people can be a lot more creative than that. In your case, I think it should be easily navigable, and focus more on it's ease to use.
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    @theabbie what if a website is slightly irritating?
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    @calmyourtities I define irritating as not being able to do what I want to do, In that case, I would not visit the website unless it's the only option.

    I would like to give an example of https://neal.fun , He is a creative coder and he creates impressive web apps, I really admire him, and he is extremely popular. Though there isn't much about web design, You can learn how much creativity you can use.

    Also, I don't like using CSS libraries, But it's entirely personal opinion, I am not suggesting anything.

    And anyways, You can always get feedback here, So, Just make awesome stuff
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    @theabbie i'm aware of neal.fun. you just said you were talking about design, and now you're talking about functionality. my point is that it's not a fine line for functionality and design, you can have an ok design with some functionality. i can't tell if your account is just a troll.
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    @calmyourtities I know you have heard from others about me, My behaviour on this site hasn't been very good, But, I am saying from experience. Otherwise, the simplest method is to make it like you would like to see other websites. And, it's not that it's a one time process, You can always keep improving. Assume yourself to be a visitor, why would anyone visit your website? What are they expecting? Make sure you answer these questions and help visitor find that out without being forced into unnecessary beauty. Take feedback and keep improving. The fine line is the purpose of your website. That should always have highest priority.
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