Why doesn’t devrant show the username for rants in the home page.

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    You’re right, that’s a little weird
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    Because who said it isn't as important as what was said? Idk just pulled that out my ass.
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    @Stuxnet This.
    @M1sf3t This.
    @OmerFlame Not this.
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    @M1sf3t I could always figure out whenever AlexDeLarge posted, when Sukmikehok shit posted, and when one of Jase's 294848373775937 accounts posted lol
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    @Stuxnet smc was jase
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    @electrineer You sure? Damn I layed into that kid hard oof

    Too be fair he was being cunty asf with that account.
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    Maybe it was born this way... Maybe it's maybaline...
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    I don't think it matters, I really like the idea that there are profiles but that's not the main thing
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    I haven't seen/read the reason as to why it was done but removing usernames does seem to remove the judgement and biases one would have when looking at a post from a person they know of (FB anecdotal example, me: *see Bob posted something in YRS without reading the post* Oh yet another misandrist rant...). That being said, I've seen that a numerous amount of people (namely on FB/IG) that would ignore a post the moment they see that the poster isn't in their "league" or as popular as or popular than them (I.e. elitist bias).

    And it may be for the reasons @Stuxnet and @M1sf3t said.

    I personally prefer it that way so it makes me more likely to click on the rant to see more details (a bit like in the YikYak days).
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    @M1sf3t To be honest, I have "myself" in my contacts as well for different purposes.
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    @M1sf3t In my case, I sometimes use it for:
    - testing roles/permissions (especially when it comes to hiding channels)
    - sending a quick message whenever I need to remind myself of something
    - etc.
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    Same energy
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