Why the fuck do everyone want to teach "web development ", "programming ", "software engineer"...."coding". Everywhere I visit - I am hunted with "learn coding".

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    I hate how people use “coder” to describe programmers and engineers.

    Yes, I code. I write code. I am not a “coder.”
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    @Root so... this isn't a good post for me 🤐
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    @C0D4 My brain doesn’t work and I have no idea what this rant is about.
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    As for OP, "coding" is simple, 4 year olds can do it, so why can't you?

    EvErYoNe ShOuLd LeArN tO cOdE!!!

    I'm in agreement though, not everyone can think logically or complex processes through, there's a reason we have flat earthers.

    @Root, but I'm a @C0D4 🙃
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    Because they know you should learn
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    Because coding is a fancy name given to the task of building, fixing , using and having knowledge of some magical devices of 21st century called computers that are basically running everything.

    Its like a newfound electricity for the mankind. You can certainly ignore it and live without it . But others won't ignore and eventually you would have to use it to achieve what others are achieving.
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    Since my head is full of sleep and strange thoughts (weird combination, i know) , here's something more : when gold is extracted fr the core of earth, it gets exchanged between many hands and its price also increases : if goldsmith got paid 10$ to extract it, his boss would sell it at 10x price to some gold wholeseller who would sell it at 100x price to jeweller , who would sell at a 1000x price to you, the customer.

    However in coding there are almost no middlemen.

    The coder could get his tools in 10$ and could earn 1000x profit by directly selling it to consumer . The metrics are not always exact, but the profit values are quite similar.

    That's why in the top 5 earning companies , 4 of them are technology based

    (But tbh there's more money in being a manager and more of a people's person than being a dev. I have always seen that people who fake their knowledge tends to go higher than people with real knowledge. Its a Devil's world.)
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    maybe google just concluded that you're constantly searching for the most beginner questions and only wants to help you =D
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