*Me, sittting in a sprint planning meeting*

PM: We are going to start a 2 weeks sprint and everyone is expected to meet the deadlines no matter the cost.

*Scrum master being an intern doesn't still know how to plan the sprint*

Me: we are having a week long holiday due to elections next week and how do you expect to finish within the deadline when office is closed.

PM: we are aware of that, but who is ready to take this as a challenge and be proactive in completing the tasks?

How many of you have faced this situation where the company expects you to work from home and get the tasks done even during the holidays. The company only values their work and not the employees. They want us to work as slaves without valuing us. They expect us to be loyal to the company through work but they aren't ready to be loyal to us through payments.


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    Your are absolute right, you deserve rest from work to fill your batteries. I would ask the PM, does he do the proactive part and work on his holiday?
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    Your PM can suck balls. Find somewhere else to work at.
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    Problem is, the PM is not brave enough to talk to his superiors. So he tries to get the work done by making our brains explode.

    I dont know if this happens in other companies that follow SCRUM. Sometimes I think don't these people have hearts.
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    @codex404 yes infact I am looking for other places to work, where I would be valued for the efforts I am making.

    The pandemic situation has now limited the vacancies and companies in my country arent hiring developers as before.
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    So you’re not ‘ready to take on the challenge and be proactive’ or, to be precise, ‘work like a bitch and get no appreciation’.
    One day managers might realise that this kind of bullshit only works on people who’s ego is bigger than their IQ!
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    @PowgenTwik you can scratch the part "that follow SCRUM". Shit like that happens in many companies. "But we're AGILE aren't we" is just yet another excuse managers give to squeeze more work out of you. Just as "taking up the challenge to be proactive blablabla" is.

    It's an obvious scam. Unfortunately still too many devs fall for it.

    Though, personally, I haven't seen companies expecting anyone to work during holidays. Probably because that would mean instant legal problems.
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    I have not had to experience it but that is probably due to Sweden having quite strict worker rules and a desperate shortage of good IT professionals so any company trying will end up without employees as someone else will be ready to offer better terms.

    I do know of companies that do crunches where you work over weekends but its either well payed or you already have built the loyalty needed for it, both ways.
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    Everyone is talking about how bad the PM/ScrumMaster is or to change the company ... but what about to stand up, tell your opinion right in his face in front of everyone else and keep your facts clear that it is not possible?

    If my PM tells me to work additionally at home to finish the project in time, then I tell him, that his planning sucks and that he has to get more time.
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    @Tr33 I assumed you have told him "fuck you this is not how we do it" and assume that you went to his superiors and said the same to them.
    In scrum you mention these issues right away
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    Just tell your price for additional work and see if they agree. If you're willing of course.
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    So PM can't do their job and manage resources properly.

    I would just say that I am not going to do that. Not like there is a shortage of jobs for engineers.
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    I thought the point of a sprint was to allocate planned work into the available time. If they're just waving a hand and calling it agile, but still demanding the impossible without a plan, then it's not a sprint, and it isn't agile. It's just unreasonable, inviting sloppy work, and setting everyone up for failure.

    If your PM "challenges" you to complete work during time off, the simple response is that you're not available during that time, and it isn't the PM's place to decide what you do then.
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    @Tr33 yes, i have spoken out once and i had to face the consequences. I was considered as the guy with attitude and unprofessional manners. They were in the verge of cutting me of from the company.
    So, on the bottom line you are always judged on your position in the team and the role you play, and not whether what you say is correct or wrong.
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    @electrineer yes i did.. They wouldn't increase my pay and all they do is try to brainwash me to stay. I am looking for part time job in Angular, so that I could at least cover up my living costs.
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    If believing in the simple concepts of professionalism and the boundaries between personal and professional makes you unattractive at your company, then you have a hostile work environment.
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    @bahua and that is what i have come to believe....
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