Fuck it, implemented another idea: image voronoi, it computes a voronoi diagram over the input image, each cell is then populated with the average color inside that cell


This is an image with the get high option on

I’m so productive and I’m proud of myself

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    Did you steal Postman Pat's carβ€½
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    Can I Invest?
    But yea, Voronoi is great, I occasionally play around with it in Unity's ShaderGraph.
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    @electrineer no, it’s still in Bermuda I think
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    @Ranchu what do you mean invest, it’s free
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    Amazing tool. Have it bookmarked for the next time the *Get High* option will be useful. :)

    Just a suggestion: Add async loading and progress indicators. It was freezing up when I was fiddling around with the params, more so when I tried to upload a new image. Which I guess is to be expected, but it'd greatly help the UX if there was a way to see how longer to wait, or at the very least, to not freeze my low tier phone's browser.
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    @alcatraz627 look at my rants and go to the new website, that one is very responsive with async like you suggested.

    The reason this one isn’t is because computing the voronoi has to be in one go, and that will take some time, the others are very fast I believe
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