Fuck ES/TS 😐

Been trying for hours now to get ionic 2 to work with either generators or async functions. Doesn't work because async for ES 5 is only supported with TS 2.1 which breaks the angular compiler. Also can't use generators (not supported for es5 at all by TS).

Also can't really change the ionic build process to just take es6 output instead of es5 and transpile because it's a convoluted mess in a separate node module instead of just a gulp file like with ionic 1.x.

Why is the JS ecosystem such a fucking mess?

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    and ionic 1 designs are just too fucked up :(
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    What's causing you headache is actually not the ecosystem but the Ionic team's build process design decisions combined with your (understandable) desire to use experimental tech. :)
    As far as I know async/await support has or is about to land in Typescript so it shouldn't take much longer until it becomes available on Ionic 2.
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    @trueter async/await support has been in typescript for awhile, however only if your compiling target is es6, they recently added compiling async/await down to es3 in ts 2.1
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