I always get a little angry when I'm looking for the solution to a problem I have with JavaScript and the answerer has the solution in JQuery. Like, not everyone uses that people!

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    @Artemix Both mentioned can be small, just don't bloat it with plugins :P
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    I feel you, like I understand that some people may use jQuery (especially if the OP wants to use it in the solution) but some time having a vanilla approach would be better.
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    @Artemix true, but modifying DOM is such a pain in the ass, especially when the app grows bigger and has to do more complex stuff.

    Also check out VueJS. The size is 60kb, and it's amazing. I'm madly in love with it
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    I'm not a fan of js libraries and frameworks, but I'd strongly recommend learning jQuery. I avoided it for ages because web work was only a small part of my job. Eventually I decided I should look at it to at least find out what I was missing. It took only a few minutes to grasp the basics and maybe a couple of hours to see what was possible. It was the most valuable time I've ever spent learning anything.
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    +1 for Vue JS! ..it's simply an amazing and lightweight framework! ☺
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