Lately submitted an app to the App Store, it was reviewed by Apple, everything fine, I released it.

Last week I submitted an update containing some minor fixes - rejected?!
Checked the reason: Apple has a problem with the app icon (which did not change at all) showing a stylized iPhone.

Right now I'm thinking about solving this by adding a Samsung logo to the icon though..

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    It sucks that the first reviewer did not notice that, but according to the guidelines, under "iOS Human Interface Guidelines > Graphics > App Icon", it explicitly says you cannot use apple hardware products.
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    @jens-peter yeah true thing, it's in the guidelines, we just didn't even hit the idea that this might cause a problem, so we didn't check it explicitly.. ;)

    The restriction is a little weird in my eyes, I mean, I'm not allowed to present Apple's hardware in Apple's App Store? When I do so, doesn't this show even more commitment to Apple than just showing some random smartphone?

    Would be my interpretation though.. But hey.. Apple's store, Apple's rules. x)
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    Its to protect their brand identity. If your app is shit/offensive/for peasants/etc and people associate that with apple because you've plastered their branding all over your icon, then that reflects on them.

    Not saying your app is those things, but they just blanket the rule to avoid having to deal with such things on an individual basis.
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    @JakeHL probably yes, I get your point, however: Apple's reviewing those apps and allowing developers to publish them in the App Store.

    This causes some association already I'd say. :D

    But yeah, in general you're completely right, this is for sure the idea behind it.. but it's quite painful too and due to the different results of different reviewers it sometimes appears to be quite random.
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