let iSuck = "I'm really new to this, "
let reallyBad = "I truly have no clue about what I am doing."
console.log(iSuck + reallyBad);

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    If I had to log everytime I sucked, my browsers would be crashing
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    @asgs im self learning so im pretty much in tears 90% of the time
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    @cloudsxvx oh. You're a JS dev and still have emotions?

    Good lord. That must be painful.
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    My go to is:


    There's production code out there with wuts....
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    @N00bPancakes Penis.

    I always used Penis.

    People won't call they're too embarassed.
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    ive jumped around between js swift and python. but considering html js and css are basics everyone should cover I stepped away from python and swift until I get what "good" at javascript. so that I can at least feel comfortable with the basics being down.

    however when I first got into python and swift I quickly forgot js. and hate that im back to doing it lol
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    @IntrusionCM oooh I like that idea...
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    @M1sf3t oh I’ve delved into some bootstrap and flex box lol. Because I’m doing everything self learned I think confidence in my work is lacking as well as direction.
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    @M1sf3t honestly no clue at all. Full stack web seems really awesome. But so does data science and cyber security. I’d like to be able to build apps and websites but have no idea the kind of work I’d actually be doing.
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    @M1sf3t that’s what I’ve noticed. Idk where the road will take me. Just that it’ll take me somewhere. I’m slowly but surely getting better and better and I’ll get to working somewhere one day.
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    you'll get it one day, pal. but expect it not to be tomorrow, nor next month. patience's hell of a key, trust me.
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    @M1sf3t you're truly right.

    As an inspiration (it may make you feel better about sucking rn): I joined programming when I was 13 (devRant like 2 months later!). I dived into the void of choosing and abandoning programming languages; leaving programming because high-school messed all my stuff up and had to stop doing what I liked; say "fuck I can't do this shit", "I'm dumb" and "these guys know what they're doing and I'm not them".


    33 days before I turn 16. This thing has been with me since scratch. I'm starting to grow up. I feel like I've changed, but certainly not this side of me. Recently I've just damn picked Python and started to code. My actual side project is a Flask web app that gets ETH daily price data since last year, gets DEMA and RSI from it and shows it. Started like 2 damn days ago. Wanna know something? This is the first thing I'm doing (not just some "do-so-you-can-learn" project). I just want to do it and I have the knowledge to do so. :)
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    I'm unsure if I find it comforting or scary that my university believes I can write code enough to sign a piece of paper that says I can. And in two years they may sign another 🤯 unless my self doubt gets the better of me and makes me drop out before that.
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    @M1sf3t out of sheer panic that I won't be able to keep up in the coming semester 😂 all my actions are driven by an unhealthy amount of fear
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    You know I love this community and it is my first day on here. I truly appreciate what i am seeing
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    @IntrusionCM huh. I always used cunt.
    Watch out for cunt marketing websites, mostly for food.
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