Nothing can stop a gradle task in Android Studio!
It is unstoppable!!!

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    @prash32 Most of the time I just want to cancel the deployment to the device, but even when it shows "Stopping..." the app will still be installed, after some waiting time of course...
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    It depends - from 8 sec up to 2 min
    25 sec average I would say
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    sudo kill -SIGKILL GRADLE_PID
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    @bdhobare ps aux | grep gradle | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs sudo kill -SIGKILL
    And assign to a hotkey. YOLO!
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    @gnaaah haha...
    looking at your profile n liking your skills,just wat i do too.Github link?
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    @bdhobare got not much to be interested in there. Maybe I throw this in a Gist and post it later
    Thanks for your upvote spree btw ;)
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    Haha, just type

    gradlew --stop

    into the Android Studio terminal. Works like a charm.
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    @gnaaah what workstation do you use? I'd kill for something below 5 mins.
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    @flag0 a late 2012 iMac
    It's generally fast enough, but sometimes I do a lot of things in parallel
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    Like that
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