Is it just my random madness...

Or do you sometimes picture yourself in a fictional comic / movie / whateva...

Had this feeling today.

Burned a database down, grilled 2 terabyte of data, deleted ~ 500 elasticsearch indices.

Then I chopped an haproxy loadbalancer into 6 seperate machines, because noone likes to read ~ 2.5 to 3 k of lines.

And I guess now I'm doing some backups of elasticsearch before the second round of flamethrower madness starts.

It's somehow very satisfying to just destroy everything.

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    Does grilled data sizzle or melt?
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    @heyheni depends.

    Put it on SMR harddrives and the harddrives will melt.

    Otherwise sizzle.

    SMR bad.
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    Make sure to create the array in raid 10, so the time to restoration process is NP-Complete. Eventually that configuration will delay the heat death of the universe.
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