The burnout is real today.

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    Same same...
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    Let's make a boat out of Haskell and sail to a deserted island where it's always night.
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    I'm just trying to get to 5:30 and every minute is excrutiating.
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    The Saturday train has arrived. The burnout is beyond real from these past few weeks.
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    Count me in. This sprint I couldn't keep the focus at all.
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    Fortunately, I was able to prevent my burnout this week.

    Took lot of planning and managing the work.

    I hope everyone here gets through. Enjoy and relax on the weekend fellas :)
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    Isn't that supposed to be burn down chart?
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    @hjk101 I’ve definitely been burning down 😭
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    You can say that again! Everyday is Wednesday
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