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    Fortnite player found.

    Apple and Google own the app payment systems, I agree the % they take from ALL transactions is fucked up, but it's not like it's a new cost they came out of the blue.

    Epic is just trying to get around that system to save costs, which obviously Apple and Google aren't going to go down easily over.

    I also enjoy the fact that almost all media is against Apple on this, yet Google removed fortnite from Android store for the same reasons.
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    @C0D4 that's because they can still play fortnite on Android by downloading the apk a different way. So all the fortnite mobile players are more pissed at Apple since if it's not on the app store, they can't play it.
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    @EmberQuill same argument applies, this is nothing new, just a company flexing that has the $$$ to do so.

    Only other store for iOS is Cydia, and that needs jailbreak, but that's not necessary a bad thing either, you buy Apple products for the Apple ecosystem and that ecosystem has extensive limitations - which all have their own set of pros and cons
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    @C0D4 oh don't get me wrong, I think the whole thing is kind of stupid. Epic is just trying to get more money and good PR by saying "Sorry kids, you can't play Fortnite because Apple kicked us out of their club" without acknowledging the fact that they were kicked out because they broke the rules they agreed to.

    Edit: and yet I find myself hoping Epic will win anyway, and get Apple and Google to lower their cut globally so the smaller developers can benefit too.
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    Nobody is right here. Apple taking a 30% cut is insane, but at the same time, Epic clearly knew it was breaking the rules. Apple kinda has a monopoly, but Epic is just trying to get some attention for itself
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    @C0D4 I am in my late 30s. So no, I am not a Fortnite player.

    This is not just about Epic getting more profit for themselves. Having Epic challenges Apple's unfair pricing is good for every companies, customers and indie devs out there.
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    @10Dev Epic broke the rule on purpose to kick start the anti-trust lawsuit.

    As I have said in my other comment, this is not just about Epic getting more profit for themselves. Having Epic challenges Apple's unfair pricing is good for every companies, customers and indie devs out there.
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    Two devils' fighting. I have no sympathy for any of them and will definitely not choose a site.
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    @EmberQuill You sure? Arent the servers offline since it's not in the store?
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    That will be one negative siding to me. By that I mean I'm not much siding Epic (except to be sure nothing happens to Unreal and Quixel), it's more that I just wouldn't mind see Apple get a kick in the balls for whatever reason
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    What are the best options for writing an HTML5 based game / application that works on iOS devices, without being an app ?
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    > they can still play fortnite on

    > Android by downloading the

    > apk a different way.

    What way is that ?
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    @Nanos directly from their website I think.
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    @C0D4 to be fair google also doesn’t make you pay to be able to put apps on the store
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    Both companies are batshit greedy and do anything to lock their customers into their products.
    The reason for starting the fight is Epic's greed.

    But the fight against Apple is still good.
    If Epic wins, that will be the precedent for preventing Microsoft making their app store mandatory for Windows software as soon as they stop fearing Linux.

    Epic has absolutely no chance winning against Google though. Google does not prevent Android users from using alternate app stores or getting APKs from the manufacturer's website. I myself have an (unrooted) Android device and have not even an account for
    the default store (fdroid and direct downloads work fine for me).
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    @Oktokolo Microsoft store and linux fear conspiracy... You made me laugh hard, thanks
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    Tim cook: we treat all developers the same
    Amazon: thanks for the 15% discount
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    @Bubbles except that $25 fee when you first start, but it's not as bad as Apple with it's $100/year scheme.
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    @C0D4 Oh I wasn't aware there was a fee for google but Ive always known about Apple's dumbass $100 fee. they're greedy pieces of shit for that
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    @Benedikt teach me to be as enlightened and nonchalant as you oh aloof one!
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    There isn't much missing in modern big desktop Linux distributions. They could easily replace most Windows installations at the office.
    Guess what would happen, if Microsoft would prevent "sideloading" - enforcing all Windows Application sales going through their shop with a 30% cut from everything for Microsoft.
    Apart from all regulators worldwide dropping their fine hammers on them, also everyone would suddenly try to migrate away from Windows as fast as possible.

    You can be sure that Microsoft would certainly do it if they wouldn't fear the consequences. But not even Apple had the balls to apply their application toll sheme on the desktop too...
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    @Oktokolo nobody said that there is much missin in linux .... except Adobe and something else

    MS doesn't prevent and probably will never will prevent sideloading... but I love to hear MS conspiracy theories

    meanwhile the amazing apple lock everyone in its walled garden and it's perfectly fine
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    @dontbeevil Microsoft lite (s-mode) or what ever they called it did exactly this.

    Usage of the store only and no side loading.
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    @C0D4 s MODE, it's disable by default and you can enable/disable it
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    Epic can die in a landfill. Fuck them and their fucking exclusivity deals.
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