I've developed an interesting habit. I wear a hat 24/7. The same exact hat.
I (almost) never wear my hat backwards. I think its weird, and I look weird, and its just too much weirdness.

There is one exception to this rule.

Before I begin coding each day, before a single stroke of my keyboard, I turn my hat backwards. I don't know why I started doing this, but it is almost as if my hat is a key and turning it unlocks all my programming knowledge.

Anyone else have a quirky habit they do before/during a coding session?

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    I sometimes drink water. Like LOTS of water. Like about a liter and a half in two hours.

    Then I get that uncontrollable urge to pee and I can't code anymore :(
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    My habit: Ialways turn in my (desk) chair 3 times before i can start coding
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    Do you catch them all?... Sry I m... Sry.

    I am listening to github.audio.
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    In a lot of occurrences the correct word for what you call "habit" is OCD.
    It's closely linked to anxiety and needs debugging.
    Just a heads up in case it snowballs and you one day can't code before turning your hat and tapping your heels three times.
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    @castor-rg that sounds so much like Silvester Stallone in "over the top" :-D
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    A Wizard!!! O.O
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    @Mindstormer619 Sounds like a novel implementation of the pomodoro technique.
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    @jayminator No, its not ocd. Why is everyone referring to having a small habit as OCD? OCD is a real disease, people dont seem to know what it really is (yes, that includes you)... Inform yourself before being this ignorant.
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    @madrix999 Being a recovered massive OCD-patient, I'm not ignorant - I'm just very well informed (and probably a bit overly sceptical to irrational habits). What they discuss here is repeated irrational behaviour, so bringing up OCD is probably a buzzkill, but very relevant.
    As to my comment, it's not condoning simple rituals/physical context switches to get in the coding mood. I was trying to say: "Watch out for scope creep in your habits". Sorry if that was unclear earlier.
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    @jayminator Oh ok, thanks for cleaeong thongs up! Sorry if i seemed rude....
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    @brahn Oh, I use that too. How it goes is that I basically fill a bottle of water during the five minute gap, then end up drinking the whole thing in the next leg or two. Rinse and repeat (quite literally).
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    I crack my knuckles, as if that would make me type faster.

    No OCD though. 😜
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