So, for an assignment we have a task of developing an IT product for a business to solve one of their problems. One of the project development examples contains the following screenshot.
You can tell, from this screenshot that whoever made a screenshot of this example has no idea what they're doing.

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    This is the default value for the (the default value)... 😃
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    Hey, at least they're using LF instead of CRLF
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    Type="text/css" is superfluous if the the link tag has already rel="stylesheet". There are no stylesheet types besides CSS.

    I guess the person is using Windows and doesn't realise that Verdana isn't available everywhere. Should be font-family I think. And sans-serif as final fallback.
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    Fail fail fail fail
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    @Fast-Nop yes but worse it says it has to be text or css others are not supported...
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    I smell XP
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    Interesting doc... Lemme complete it for ya.

    "<div>" | This is used to open a div tag

    "</div>" | This is used to close a div tag

    "<form>" | This is spelt F.O.R.M. It is used as a form.

    id="abc" | This says an element abc has an id

    -- Keep scrolling down to see more
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    Ironically posted by a person who took a photo of their screen
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    @electrineer In my defense I was being lazy...
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    @GiddyNaya surprisingly enough your analysis of the "division" tag in HTML is pretty accurate as to what was written above.
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    There’s war crimes and then this.
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    I like how the first thing they mention is absolute positioning. I talked to the creator of CSS in person, and that’s the only thing in the entire language he regrets creating.

    You fucking learn C and you’re bothered with the concepts behind it like linking, pointers, paging, memory management, but then you learn CSS and CAN’T BE FUCKING BOTHERED to learn THE ONLY CONCEPT behind it – declarativeness. CsS iS tHe wEb tHinG, wEb is eAsY, iT doEsnT reqUiRE coNcepTUaL kNowLedGe... man fuck this shit.
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    Minus the obvious fails, what is that part about a "search engine spider will come to the text"??? Sounds like some voodoo shit right there!
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    @fuego maybe they meant Google's web crawler?
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