Did anyone here try to go self-employed before by selling software? If so, did you succeed? What's your story?

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    Nice rant want to hear folks replying
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    The rant I'd like to get notifications for, really
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    Selling software is WAY harder than just selling service like "hey pay me I'll code that / help".
    It's actually the very first thing I tried. Selling an app, it was a sort of dating app to find people just as lonely as you around..
    Getting people to actually know that you exist, finding the crap ton of money you need for those ads, the researches because you can't just throw everyone on your beta product full of bugs..

    It was a fucking pain. But, to be honest, II think now that we have some experience, it could be doable, contacting the right persons and putting enough efforts, confirming the idea ain't retarded too is important.

    PS: not to mention all the security issues, possible missuses of your product, cracks.. Get a lawyer.
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    Not exactly what you're asking, but for about a year I worked for someone who had "an idea" and was able to pay us for it. It was more of a startup I guess.

    Management and planning was the biggest issue. I didn't mind trying my best as long as I got paid, but you can't just make it up as you go.

    Funny thing is that we actually ended up with a product matching the original spec and we had several interested parties testing it, but with the scope creep it wasn't usable by the time I left. It was taken over by some consultancy company and all I know is that the other lead dev no longer works there. I assume this isn't an unusual course of events.
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    @Lyniven Great story! I appreciate you also talking about the other related stuff like marketing
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    @ltlian Thanks for your comment! I have seen some startups go completely bo kers and fail before, but I myself, never actually worked in one.
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    Two stories trying to build an app startup:

    App 1: An year of work and a lot of expenses for APIs, backend and servers and stuff. Turns out what we built was in a very crowded market with better offerings and bigger players. Had to shut down as we got ~0 returns even after so much work and marketing.

    App 2: Developed and published in a week. 10k+ downloads so far, Daily 1.2k+ users, 100+ active subscriptions, ~weekly payouts. No marketing done yet.

    App 1 is an app that maintains your stock portfolio and keeps track of multiple metrics to make informed decisions. (Cool right?)

    App 2 is an app that does live on-device audio processing. Basically non-sense stuff. (Meh..)

    Sometimes you can go farther on a horse than on a lambo. Terrain is everything.
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    a long series of lonely sighs.
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