So I've to take a Google Developers Certificate because it's required by my company, and the deadline is in a few months. The Google website for taking the exam is broken. I mean, the website for a web development certificate is broken, am I supposed to fix it to pass the exam?

Oh, I was forgetting. There isn't any "contact us" button. Nice job for a 150$ worth certificate

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    "There isn't any "contact us" button."

    That's pretty much Google for you.

    I had an old domain tied to a blogger account a while back. Google had partnered with some domain registrar ages ago.

    Google apparently just decided "oh you've got a domain registered... that must all be via gsuite" and changed all their links and processes to point to gsuite... and of course that doesn't work because I don't ahve a gsuite account.

    Ayway so domain is expiring and google sends me a ton of "login to gsuite" notices that of course don't allow me to do it and they have three links that just form a circle of 'go here, no go here, no go here'....

    I figured out who the domain registrar was and contacted them, they helped.
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    Maybe that's a part of the test
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    Let's see here...


    Nope... um


    Oh there we go, got it!
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