Best projects for my CV as a junior software dev? Cheers

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    I Will wanna see the answers of here.
    I'm a junior developer too.
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    Hot dog, not a hot dog
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    Which domain do you want to enter?
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    todo application,
    cross compile client, store todos on server, let users create account and create/share todos with other people, name it wunderlist, got acquired by microsoft
    Hmm I think it already happened.
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    Asteroids clone, with whatever additional features sound fun.
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    Progression of skill is more important then show casing projects.

    Start with something simple, tick tack toe / a todo list

    Add your own spin on things, timers, alarms, sounds, reminders, history, themes etc.

    Then move on to something harder and again throw your own spin on it.

    If you say your a 6 month junior and I see a 3D multi level chess game... I'll know you didn't do it.
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    Well, a good example could be a text based RGB to demonstrate your OOP knowledge in java
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    Something you are enthusiastic about
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    The idea that acts as its own medium, thus exists by itself. Good luck with that. If you succeed at this, it will get you an instant masters degree and a worldwide recognition as a probably the most important philosopher of all time.
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    It it seems too hard, try solving P = NP. This should be a lot easier
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