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    I swear people like to complicate things.
    Why make it do the math when it's a static value anyway?

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    @C0D4 because it is much easier to read and to edit. Also for me it is more prettier
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    @C0D4 because it's much easier to read. I also assume the compiler can optimize the expression into the final result, so it won't make a difference.
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    Not a rant.
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    Didn't even return back the date... Are you still sleeping?
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    I wish there was a comment above getCurrentDate call explaining what's happening.

    // get current date
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    @Tr33 Ah yes just in case the earth is thrown off orbit by an asteroid and you need to update it to 27 hours per day
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    @CoffeeSnake I guess you obfuscate each function after they are finally done?
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